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Fun things to do with Smiley Halves

By April 6, 2022Smiley Halves

Smiley Halves are the fun toy that you can collect and connect to make lots of different faces and expressions. You can grab a Blind Bag and get a random selection, get a bigger bundle or box, or buy the rare, ultra-rare, and epic Smiley Halves if you’re looking for something specific.

There’s a lot you can do with Smiley Halves, including the following thing.

Collect Them

Smiley halves are perfect collectable items. You can go searching for the matching halves to click them together. Or you can simply see how many different halves you can collect and mix and match them. Collect and Connect them so you can share your mood or have some silly fun with friends and family.

Swap Them

Of course, if you’re collecting something, half of the fun can be in making swaps and trades. Team up with friends who are also collecting Smiley Halves and make some swaps so you can both get what you want. Swap your halves around to complete the different expressions and your collection.

Play and Learn

Smiley Halves can be great for playing and learning too. The range of expressions helps children to recognise different emotions, which helps to build emotional intelligence. Our Squishy Set is also fun for squeezing to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, improve concentration and strengthen muscles.

Start collecting Smiley Halves for a fun new hobby that has a host of benefits. These fun toys could be your next obsession, and super fans can even buy a T-shirt too.