Smiley Squishy Set


The official SMILEY Squishey set from the SMILEY-HALVES range combines fun with emotional EQ learning.

Fun, Play, and Learning. Lets Get SMILEY



The all new smiley squishy set from the SMILEY-HALVES range.

These 2 inch Squishey balls fit perfectly into Childrens hands and with the added benefit that the colours have been develop to correspond with key iconic Smiley emoticons to promote emotional EQ learning.

These squishy’s are fun with the added potential benefits of alleviating stress.

Potential benefits of Smiley Squishes

Reduce anxiety and stress.
Promote better sleep.
Lower blood pressure.
Improve concentration and creativity.
Strengthen muscles.
Supports ‘fidgeting’ for kids with ADHD or ASD.
Wonderful sensory activity for people with special needs.

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