Born in 1971 Nicolas Loufrani created the SMILEY trade mark and in 1972 the Take Time to Smile campaign was first published in France Soir, De Telegraff. Smiley’s simple message of ‘Take Time To Smile’ is still as relevant as ever, 50 years on!

Smiley has become more than just an icon or brand – it is a spirit a philosophy, a reminder just how powerful a smile can be.

Smiley Tie Dye

1972, SMILEY born to highlight happy news stories and acts as a global symbol of positivity.

Smiley on a brick phone

1996, SMILEY goes digital. The first SMILEY appears on an Alcatel mobile.

Smiley Faces

1997, Nicolas Loufrani creates and copyrights the worlds first graphical emoticions.

Smiley Faces over computer

THE SMILEY dictionary launches on the internet in 2001, announcing “The birth of a universal language”.

Smiley World Old Website

2003, The official SMILEY dictionary becomes better known as ‘SMILEY World’

Smiley History 2012

2012, SMILEY is seen bt 1Billion people as it featured in The London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.

Smiley and Hexa Halves Logos

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