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What is Emotional EQ

By July 21, 2021August 9th, 2021Smiley Halves

Is being aware of the emotions that drive our behaviour and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others

EQ measures a person’s ability to be aware of and manage one’s emotions in a healthy way.


How do the Smiley-Halves products create an EQ learning opportunity?

Smiley-Halves provide a shortcut to emotional expression and learning using the iconic Smiley emoticons that children can relate to.


Why is EQ more important now than ever?

Given the impact that Covid has had on children’s development and interactions with others learning about emotional EQ is more crucial now than ever.

Remote learning, fewer play dates and social interactions with their peers has impacted children’s EQ development and Smiley-Halves are a great way to start addressing this shortfall with the extended product line ups focusing on attention on learning about emotions through play and having fun.


What is SEL

SEL is social and emotional learning and is a new area being focused on in schools as it is seen as vitally important for today’s children.

SEL is there to allow children to learn how to socialise and manage their emotions to become more resilient


Benefits of the Smiley-Halves

Helps children to understand an emotion quickly and express what may seem complicated in a fun easy way.

By using the Smiley emoticons, the Smiley-Halves products bring a fun way to focus on EQ and help kids to understand each individual emotion better and allow them to see how emotions can change quickly.

Smiley-Halves engage younger children in EQ learning and older children and teens to explore their own emotions and mental well-being through play!!!

Smiley-Halves allow children to Mix It, Match It and Spin It which draws children’s attention in stimulating relaxation.


Did You Know

According to Professor Keltner of the University of California there are 27 key states of emotions.

Paul Ekman believes sometimes that less is more creating 6 basic emotions. These are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Surprise, Fear, Adoration

Studies show that children who are able to identify and understand more emotions are better prepared for school and are more comfortable in social interactions, making them more emotionally stable and more successful later in life.

Holding a phone makes us smile less and exhibit more absent presence!


Mindfulness Benefits for kids

Benefits of Mindfulness for kids

  • Mindful Children tend to perform better academically
  • Mindful children understand, feel and express gratitude more freely
  • Mindful children are better able to focus and concentrate
  • Mindful children are more resilient
  • Mindful Children are all around happier and more content

Mindfulness combined with play allows for kids to take advantage of some zen time to recharge their batteries.


Social Quotes

In today’s rush don’t forget about the JOY of being

SmileyWorld brand is all about happiness, positivity and exploring emotions which is delivered in the Smiley-Halves. Collect and Connect these fidget toys and create your own emotions.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation to a thriving life, helping kids to builds positive relationships.


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